3D Bunny Model

Hand made Maya model for the game Obduction

with Joachim D.

Fall 2015

One of my favorite childhood toys is a pink stuffed bunny. Last year, I had the opportunity to make him into a 3D model and now he is forever immortalized in the game Obduction by Cyan.

Like Myst, Obduction is a puzzle game. You are dropped in the middle of an unfamiliar world and have to solve a series of puzzles to find your way out. Along the way, you stumble into some items, and one of them is my bunny :) Above is an image of him in full glory :)

Since we were beginners at modeling (Joachim's first mesh, my second), we had to watch several online tutorials before we got our bearings around Maya. The hardest part was getting the symmetrical curvature of the shape and stitching all the pieces together. Here's a photo of him mid progress: