Each February Stanford organizes a Viennese Ball in the Bay Area. Like the Vienna Opera Ball, the evening starts off with an Opening Ceremony. The ceremony consists of a series of performances, one of which is a choreographed waltz and polka performed by the Stanford Viennese Ball Opening Committee. I've been performing with this group since 2009, and in 2013 choreographed the two dances.

Here's a Javascript choreo visualization tool that we built to help design some of the formations.


Johann Strauss: Kunstlerleben Walzer, op. 316

Our favorite sections: Cross (5:15), the V (6:12)

2015 Update: woo! over 1 million views!!! Thanks for watching.


Johann Strauss: Tik Tak Polka op.365

Our favorite section: the traveling box and the gears. Each section has its own code name. The first was called the "TARDIS" since it resembled a traveling box.

Past Performances